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Founded in 1987, JY Toys opened its doors as a premiere one stop shop doll manufacturer in China.   We are vertically integrated, with long standing relationships with our material suppliers, so we control safety and quality from start to finish.

With over three decades of development, we have been expanding our business globally from individual entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 Companies. We take great pride in offering our product and service to a high level of repeat customers. Our mission is to empower customer’s doll brands with creation and innovation to succeed and approach every custom doll project with our business philosophy:



Making dolls with craftsman's spirit and have been honed through the thick and thin of three generations.


 Doing doll business with honesty and integrity


Developing new technologies, materials, and creativity to make the best product possible.


Joining hands with our partners to accelerate business cooperation for the synergy.


We know how to help our customers save the cost in the right way and simplify the project journey from idea to their end.​

We are committed to continuing our success in an environment where trust, creativity and teamwork thrive.



1987 - Grandpa Chen started up a family workshop with 5 sewing machines in a small village located in Puning.

1997 - Grandpa passed away, Father Chen became the pillar of the family business, enlarged into a small-scale factory with 45 workers, a new higher level.

2004 - With 108 workers in-house, Father Chen introduced modern management practices .

2008 - Trial factory in Anyuan, Ganzhou for abundant labor resources.

2010 - Kevin Chen, 3rd generation of the family stepped into the family toy business.

2014 - Kevin built up the trading dept., attended trade shows a new milestone.

2016 - Introduced international production system, passed Disney FAMA, Australian CRS factory audit.

2019 - New factory in Ganzhou finished, with 3 buildings, 10000 square meters, over 300 workers, a new peak of the production capacity

2020 – Keeping our vision “to help each customer handle their doll brand more easily” …


Valued Partnerships




I have got the chance to meet JY toys almost 2 years ago, my first impression was that I am dealing with a company with a very high level of professionalism, then I had the chance to visit the premises of the factory and 

I noticed the high production standards, and I felt the high values that control the company. I started doing business immediately with Mr. Kevin the owner of the company and I considered him as a partner and he acted accordingly. I am so much satisfied with the relationship with JY toys, they are professional, accurate, reputable, very cooperative and supportive.

I wish them more success.

- Chairman, Arabian Girl

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